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Tripp's Two Cents - Between The Hashes Aug 24th 2021


Well knock knock... who's there? Opportunity for Mac Jones of the New England Patriots. Since Cam Newton is gone till Thursday it looks like Jones is going to get first team reps till then and I guarantee he lights it up. Every week Jones plays he seems more and more comfortable. With that, it's going to be an issue for Newton. Newton did have a pretty stellar performance last preseason game but I don't think that's going to stop Mac and Cheese. Let's see what happens when the Patriots play the Giants on Sunday! I mean, I'm also excited to see this head coach match up. Both from the Belichick coaching tree!

Ok why don't we dive into some rookies that are catching everyone's attention this season. Well Zach Wilson is getting a lot of well deserved attention lately. The kid literally zips the ball like a laser and might actually give the Jets a fighting chance this year. It is a very unfortunate situation with Etienne getting out for the whole season. Another interesting storyline is the Cowboys linebacker corp. It looks like Micah Parsons and Keanu Neal are taking first round reps when they have Vander Esch and Jaylon Smith sitting on the bench. Both of these new Dallas players are really meshing in the Dan Quinn defense.


Good news to all those out there who have already drafted Julio Jones because he returned to practice today in full uniform. I was getting a bit worried about where he's going to land in my other two fantasy leagues but hey I'm happy for the guy!

I wish I had more news or advice but Tuesdays are always rough for news. Keep in touch, see you all tomorrow!

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