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Preseason Week 2 - New, Predictions, & Fantasy

Let me be the first to say, I will be super excited when Monday Night Football comes back. I feel like Sunday to Thursday without football is.... just too much, but! Football is back tomorrow so at least there is hope. Let's go over the Patriots/Eagles game, some latest news, and some fantasy football talk. Let's dive in!

Eagles vs. Patriots

I have no idea how the Patriots got two Thursday night games in a row this preseason but hey I don't make the schedule (could you imagine how hard that be...). I'm going to say this as a bold prediction, Mac Jones will be the starter week 1. After hearing all the other analyst talk about it, no one has Cam Newton staying the starter the whole season. After last week I feel like he's going to loose this starting role himself. This preseason is Cams last chance to show he is still a high caliber quarterback. I'm rooting for Cam but I am excited to see what Mac & Cheese does with this Patriots offense.

Getting into the Eagles, another quarterback challenge arises... Hurts or Flacco? My bold prediction is Flacco is going to take this job and run with it. Hurts still looks a bit uncomfortable in the pocket and Flacco looked poised as a qb1. Another thing thats bugging me a bit is DeVonta Smith. He is already injured and the Eagles don't have much depth at the wide receiver position. The odds of injury say, if they are injured in the preseason their odds of coming back to full strength or re-injury is super high. I would bet that Smith doesn't have a great season till 2020 but we will have to see.


Well, congratulations to Jamal Adams for getting PAID. Highest paid safety in history and I feel like it's well deserved. The man is an absolute animal still and has proven himself every year. $21 million fully guaranteed at signing and the best part is they structured this contract to benefit both sides of the deal. The Seahawks get to keep a lower cap space and Adams gets PAID!

This isn't news per-say but going through these injury reports theres an extreme amount of hamstring/leg injuries is just absurd. I wish there was a way they could reduce these injuries for these players. They have gone leaps and bounds from where they were like with the new helmet covers that reduce concussions up to 10% which is huge.

Fantasy Football

So, I was definitely someone who thought Tim Tebow would of been a natural at Tight End but man, did he do awful. I love the guy but he really needs to just go ahead, become a coach under Meyers, and become the greatest coach of all time. Alas, that will NEVER happen but I can hope. I do not recommend getting Tim Tebow as a Tight End. Best fantasy advice ever right? But, some good Tight End advice would be, pick up Dan Arnold. Darnold to Arnold all day! He has progressively gotten better every year. Even got 4 TD's last year. If you are in desperation mode for a Tight End then pick up this guy. Darnold is going to use him a ton in the offensive scheme so, pick him up if you're in need!

Last little bit of fantasy advice, try something called, stacking. I heard it today and immediately started implementing into my line up. Stacking is when you pair a WR with a QB. Typically it's with a high draft wide receiver and a low draft quarterback. Some good examples would be pick up AJ Brown or Julio Jones with Ryan Tannehill; Terry Mclaurin with Ryan Fitzpatrick. This way you double up on touchdowns. Now this might mess you up on a bye-week but its won leagues before so I have to say I'm doing it.

I know it's draft time for a lot of you football maniacs so I will be giving more advice as the time comes. Happy drafting if it's tomorrow!

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