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NFL News, Fantasy Picks, and Preseason week 2 breakdowns!


I hate that most of the news I have to release is all about injuries but they do affect how teams are and the season so jumping in...Jacksonville Jaguars Travis Etienne is out indefinitely with a midfoot sprain. The rookie was seen with a boot on after the game tonight. Meyers wanted to line him up at receiver as well as running back, a lot like he did with Percy Harvin down at Florida.

It's hard to not write the news without talking about Covid-19. It looks like with the spikes of Covid increasing in places like Texas, it's going to affect the teams. It looks like the Dallas Cowboys are getting hammered with it. Dallas added three new players to their Covid list including Second year wide receiver star CeeDee Lamb which is a huge loss. I'm not sure what this means if Covid will effect these players long term for the season or not but this will be a hot storyline all season if teams keep getting blown up like this.

Fantasy Picks/Sleepers

I had a huge feeling that once all these receivers from the Ravens started getting hurt someone had to step up and take the reigns. I thought Sammy Watkins was a great pickup for Baltimore, and low and behold he has stepped up in preseason and training camp. If you all are looking for someone who can play in the slot and still win 50/50 balls, pick up Watkins. You won't be disappointed (unless he gets hurt).

Let's go ahead and stay with this wide receiver trend and talk about Mecole Hardman. With the guy above (Sammy Watkins) gone they have to have another wide reciever step up and that guy is going to be Mecole Hardman. With defenses focused on Travis Kelce and Tyreek Hill there is room for someone to take upwards of 1000 yards and again that man will be Mecole. He's fast and getting better every game and day in training camp.

Preseason Week 2 Breakdowns

Jaguars vs Saints

Since Thomas has been out I've been worried about the Saints offense's wide receiver room but in tonight's game Marquez Callaway is stepping up. He was an undrafted rookie a year ago but looks like this guy is going to be the number one guy. It also looks like Winston might have sold the role for the QB 1 position after one hell of a performance with a two passing touchdown day. It looks like Sean Payton might have whipped Winston into shape after all these years.

Let's talk about the Jaguars a bit. They have had a hard go about it already with injuries and a tiny depth chart of stars. There has been a lot of talk about Gardner Minshew, and as a fan of the guy with his talent I think that's a terrible idea. This kid has the talent and the swagger to make it. As much as I'd love to see Minshew light it up on another team I don't think the Jaguars should leave the quarterback depth chart that shallow, they need him.

Broncos vs Seahawks

Well the quarterback situation in Denver has heated up a bit. Teddy Bridgewater looked amazing this past week. With 105 yards and a touchdown I'm not sure if it's going to be Lock or Bridgewater. Justin Simmons looks like he might have the season of any safety has ever had if he keeps playing the way he's been playing. The guys a freaking animal and has been wrecking ball in training camp. Von Miller might be the face of the organization but wait till mid season when he's racking up highlight reels.

I would say somethings about the Seahawks but there wasn't much to say. They had a lackluster game with no touchdowns. It looks like they had a few bad injuries including Ben Burr-Kervin and John Ursula. Prayers go out to them for sure.

Washington vs The Bengals

As much as I like Fitzpatrick I feel like Heineke should probably be the starter for Washington. He has a bit of fire that I really like. He is very mobile outside of the pocket which makes him dangerous. If you go back and watch the playoff game where he played against Tampa you can clearly see that even in a high profile game.

What can I say about the Bengals, it looks like the same thing as every year for them. They look like trash. Their offensive like looked l like they had no idea what they were doing but it also didn't help that Washingtons defensive line took command from the instant they took the field. The Bengals offense couldn't really get going. The first drive they were landlocked on their own side of the field. Defensively they looked better than the offense but they seem not to be melding together. My hopes and prayers go out to Joe Burrows knee for the 2021 season.

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