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NFL News and Eagles vs Patriots wrap up

Eagles Vs Patriots Wrap Up

Well that wasn't the best performance by the eagles. They couldn’t even score a field goal, and Hurts was out with a stomach bug? If this is the way the Eagles season is going to go, it's not looking good. I know it's preseason and you aren’t supposed to judge a game but that game, I didn't really see anyone that stood out. I mean a total shut out, that's just sad Eagles. I see more turnover in the Eagles staffing next year if this keeps up.

I do have to take back what I said yesterday about Cam Newton. He actually looked really good. Completing a pass for a TD and completing 9 out of 10 passes. Another tand out player the past two preseason games from the Pats is Matthew Judon. This guy is an animal and is going to wreck havoc to offensive lines and quarterbacks. Mac Jones looked about the same as last week. It concerns me he hasn't been able to put up a touchdown. Still more to see but I hope Mac Jones can step up and get a shot at the starting spot.


In sad news for the already depleted Jets roster, Carl Lawson DE, suffered a ruptured Achilles tendon today. It looks like he's out for the 2021 season. This free agent was much needed for this roster that already has little to no name recognition. My thoughts and prayers go out for a quick and full recovery, Lawson. Another terrible injury was Ben Skowronek broke his forearm in practice today. Ben, I have broken both my arms. I know it seems like you'll never come back but you'll come back stronger.

Why don't we stay away from awful injuries and talk about maybe some funny ones. We all know in the heat of joint practices things can literally explode, and boy did it at the Bucs/Titans joint practice today. The Antonio Brown of Tampa was kicked out for fighting with Cornerback Chris Jackson.

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