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Updated: Aug 17, 2021

With the first week of preseason underwraps, there's a lot of excitement going on. For myself I'm not sure if it was because of us not even having a preseason last year or I just missed football this bad, it was amazing watching this past week and can't wait to get into it!

Stand-Out Rookies and Teams

Since it is preseason, for me it's not really about scores, but an interesting statistic... The Ravens haven't lost a preseason game in 19 matchups. I'm not sure what that means but good for them! Let's get into the standout players first.

First, let's dive into the quarterbacks. Everyones talking about players like Zac Wilson, Trey Lance, as well as Justin Fields. I know it's because they have a chance to play but, someone I really liked was Kyle Trask. Tom Bradys backup looked good. Making some tight passes as well as made a great TD pass to tight end McElroy. If Brady ever goes down it looks like he'd be in good hands. Also as much as I hate saying this (because I do like the Washington Football team) Mac Jones looked absolutely amazing. The fact they kept the first string O line in and he took command looking like a day one pro. I believe he will be starter by week 2 or 3.

Second, let's get into some defensive players that stood out week 1 in preseason. Holy mother of all things did Patrick Surtain II looked like an all star. Yes, it is only week 1 in preseason but he has a great supporting defence. Breaking up a pass AND bring it back for a pick six? This kids going to be a star. Next lets bring up Jeremiah Owusu-Kormahoah, the guy hits, HARD. Coming from this guy who is a massive Sean Taylor fan, I LOVE HARD HITTERS. Picking up a sack, and seven stops on 47 snaps.

On a final note, I have heard a lot of rumors about Peyton Manning might be becoming the next commissioner of the NFL. I'm personally not a religious guy but who do I have to pray to to make this happen? If you agree repost this and let's get it out there Goodell to Manning!

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