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Between The Hashes - September 28th, 2021


The big news going around the NFL is Bears head coach Matt Nagy rumored to be the first head coach this season to get fired. The way he's handling the Bears is an absolute embarrassment. I was listening to a podcast today and they said that Nagy has twice retaken over the play calling. Now, that to me (coming from a insane family) is what we'd call hyper-possessive. I personally feel from all the documentaries I have watched on football about successful head coaches and, they DELEGATE! I got a feeling he's not going to be around week 5 if he doesn't win in week two.

Next, I want to get into almost everyone's power-rankings. Is everyone high? Or maybe they're like people who just can't comprehend logic. I saw a power ranking (NFL's) with the Raiders at 9th and the Chargers at 10th. Now, I am far by not the smartest man on earth. I still count with my fingers sometimes, but at least I can remember who won football games. The Chief's are at rank 6 and the Ravens at 5th. History lesson, the Raiders beat the Ravens and the Chargers beat the Chief's, therefore by my finger math both teams should be ranked higher. The Chargers and the Raiders are competing as more complete teams than the Ravens and the Chiefs. If you don't believe me then check their record. Fucking mic drop.

Fantasy Advice

Well shit, I'm sorry last week was insane (just like fantasy has been recently) and haven't gotten to write this blog like I've liked. Fantasy football the only reason I started this stoner football lover blog. So, enough of me ranting let's get to it and talk about Dan Arnold getting traded to the Jacksonville Jaguars. Now, I mentioned him in an earlier that Sam Darnold to Arnold would make a good fit. Darnold is good Tight End and Trevor Lawrence needs more people to throw it too, so draft Darnold if you're in deep need for a tight end.

People, you might want to consider dropping. KJ Hamler you might want to drop if you aren't in a dynasty league. He's going to be out for a hot minute. Larry Rountree has been through three weeks of not even scoring over 5 points. If you need room on your roster drop him like a sack of potatoes. Lastly, I'm not going to get into it too much but just get rid of Parris Campbell. Facts.

The New Football Tripp-le Coverage

Ok, so exciting news! Tomorrow I will be recording the first episode of my YouTube series Tripp-le coverage (thanks Carter for the name!) that will be airing every wednesday and Friday! Don't miss out!

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