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Between the Hashes - September 16th, 2021


I have got to say what a season opener week one was for multiple games. Praying week two holds true as well. So on to THE NEWS, since Ryan Fitzpatrick is out with a "dislocated hip" (and opting out of a season ending injury) looks like he might be out for at least 6 - 8 weeks. Washington can't get a break with their QB.

This isn't really news but wanted to go on about Urban Meyer's rumors and talking. There are some rumors floating around the NFL that Meyer's is already looking at other college coaching jobs. This would make sense with other rumors of Meyer's loosing his cool on employees and players. I literally told myself when he got hired that he would be gone after one season. I feel like he might even be gone by the time the playoffs begin.

Fantasy Advice/News

Well, well, well what a week for fantasy, all of you team managers out there either had a great week or had a flop. I was intensely disappointed with Aaron Rogers game this past week. I know he's never had back to back games like that and he is going against the lions defense so it will probably be a bounce back game. That gets me into early fantasy panicking on players. It is still super early in the season to be dropping key players. Just because people like Rogers had a bad game, doesn't mean they are going to have a bad season.

Someone you might want to put in is Robby Anderson, if you have him. I'm projecting he's about to have a huge season. I know they are against the saints but Sam Darnold doesn't have many targets besides him and Christian McCaffery.

Washington Vs. New York Thursday Night Football


I have to give it to Taylor Heinicke this game. That kid really leaves it all on the field and gives it his all. He made the plays when he really needed too, even after an interception late in the fourth quarter. I do have to say he did favor Scary Terry a lot which makes me worry about injury for him but, all Taylor has to do is learn to spread the ball a bit more and he might be a dangerous.

The defense for Washington looked a lot better but still not to the standard I thought coach Rivera would like to see. The run defense look immensely better. Kudos Washington.


Oh my, what can I say about the Giants that everyone doesn't know. Daniel Jones had an amazing 50 yard yard run TD only to have it called back. This team just beats it's self every week. Giants, you have one of the most talented rosters, yet you can't do anything with it. Jones had some great plays to be honest and if he didn't make rookie errors in his third year he'd be a damn good quarterback.

Owners of Saquon Barkley on fantasy watchout. He doesn't look like his old self at all and I don't think he might ever get back to his old self.

Overall thoughts

Wow, what a clash of crap ass teams. No one particularly won this game. The Giants just sucked a lot more than Washington. Both teams need a lot of work if they're going to make it to the post season.

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