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Between The Hashes: September 13th 2021

Week 1 Wrap Up

What a week in football! Finally, the NFL is back and this week did not disappoint. Let's start with some performances. The Steelers and the Bills was not quite the turn out I thought it was going to be. The Steelers defense is always a force to be reckoned with. I really felt like the Bills were going to have this on, especially it being a home game. Speaking of things that made no sense. The Packers and Saints game was like something from Bizarro world. Jamis Winston had an absolute killer game and Aaron Rogers completely shit the bed. And of course I have Rogers on one of my fantasy leagues... smh

Ok let's break down some other games that were absolutely crazy, The Texans. What in the alternate reality, Marvel infinity gauntlet was that. Taylor was killing it all game and it just seemed like the Jags couldn't get it really going. Trevor Lawrence didn't look like he had a huge command on the offense. It's also sad this is the first regular season game he's ever lost. Always a first time for everything! Someone else who played out of their mind was Kyler Murray had a crazy game. Watch out for the Cardinals. JJ Watt and Chandler Jones were wreaking havoc on the Titans offensive line. The Titans didn't look like the playoff team of last year, will be interesting seeing if they can get their shit together.

Fantasy Week 1 Breakdown

First, I always told myself I'd be honest about my fantasy teams if I gave advice and it's week one and I have to pay the piper. On a terrible note im 1-3 in my leagues as of now. I will say that Aaron Rogers was a piss poor pickup so far, and so was fucking Matt Ryan. But, I drafted Antonio Brown so I mean it's not all bad but let's get into helping you this next week and hopefully if you're having the fantasy week I'm having we can pull it together and win our leagues still.

Ok, so even with OBJ and Chubb I have to say Jarvis Landry deserves at least a flex spot this week if you have him on the bench. Might prove to be a big player, for some reason Baker and Landry have more chemistry than OBJ. Speaking of Flex/WR let's get into someone that might have a big role in up coming weeks. Since Jerry Jeudy got hurt it's next man up and if JK Hamler is available in your leagues, pick him up. Jerry will be out a minimum of 6-8 weeks.

Enough about wide receivers, let's get into running backs. The bane of my existence. Watching the Raiders game and seeing Kenyan Drake put up double digits makes me happy that I called this in previous blogs. I told you all who have been reading my blogs that Jacobs was going to have a lessened role to keep him fresh and oooohhhhweee Drake looks super comfortable in this Raiders offence. If Drake is available pick him up. He might have a huge season.

Lastly, lets talk quickly about Tight Ends, just because I'm pissed off at Matt Ryan and Kyle Pitts. I wish I didn't pick up Pitts so early in my dynasty draft. Ok, that is all.


What a Monday Night football game! Overtime and all. I'm not sure if the Raiders are clicking doing well or if The Ravens are so depleted that The Raiders could compete but none of the les what a good game. Carr looked a bit heavy and eager with throws in the first half but started clicking in the second. And what a way to end the game with a bomb down field where Carr put it up right where it needed to be. Raiders 33 Ravens 27. Epic week of match ups.

On to the final portion of the blog, and my least favorite. Injury report. Big news for Washington fans. Fitzpatrick went down with a bad hip injury. The team is saying 6-8 weeks but there is a good sign he's not coming back. Another big loss was for the Lions and their cornerback (3rd overall pick in 2020) Jeff Okudah. I will say even with this loss the Lions stayed in the game and did better than I had thought.

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