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Between the Hashes: Sept 7th - 2021


Ravens Signed running back La'Veon Bell today. I actually felt like this was a great addition to an extremely depleted offense. I feel bad for the Ravens, they've had some bad luck, but with adding bell might be a blessing. I have always felt like Le'Veon Bell has a lot more left in the tank. The Ravens are one of the best running offenses in the entire league and I feel like they can revitalize Bell's career. If you drafted Gus Edwards for fantasy you should be jumping for joy.

Sad news today in football Clinton Portis and two other former NFL players pleaded guilty today for their involvement in a nationwide healthcare benefit fraud scheme. Where they submitted false claims for payouts totaling around $3 million. Truly a sad story when one of the players you grew up idolizing goes something as low as this. Portis who reportedly made over $43.1 million over his career with Washington but ended up filing for bankruptcy. No going back from this one.

Fantasy Advice

I know most of everyone’s drafts have already been done but for some of you who are looking for deep picks or haven't done your draft this if for you! It's crazy I'm going to say go for a player from the Raiders but I have a feeling like Kenyan Drake might be one of the biggest sleepers this year and this is why. The thing is Josh Jacobs got a majority of the carries last season and ended up dealing with injuries last season so they're going to spread the ball to Drake. The best part about Drake is they can use him in the passing game and even have spread him out wide during training camp. Might be a great late round pick up or in smaller leagues a great backup to have on the bench.

Last bit of fantasy advice, don't pick up anyone from the Texans. They have a huge chance of going 0-17 this season and don't have much depth anywhere on the team. The Texans signed Danny Amendola on a one year contract. I love him as a player but, with the way the team has been the past few years and especially the past few months I would STAY AWAY. I would stick with someone like K.J. Hamler from the Broncos. The Broncos actually have a chance to be one of the best passing offenses in the NFL, so statistically choose the team with the better odds of being a dominant team this season.

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