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Between The Hashes - October 5th 2021


With week four in the wraps we learned a lot more than I thought we would so why don't we dive into it. Holy shit, the Bucs and Pats game was absolutely insane. Most hype regular season game ever in my opinion. Now, I have no idea why no one is talking about the post game interview with Tom Brady but, it sounded like he would go back to the Pats if he had a chance. This is huge news, can you imagine a 50 year old Tom Brady headed back to the Pats would be like a book in real life. Ok, enough nostalgia.

Since the power rankings are always new every week they are the news. I can't stand the NFL power rankings. The hosts and writers only pick the teams they like and keep them at the top. Let's get into it. Holy shit the Pittsburgh Steelers look like absolute dog shit. Big Ben seems to be playing with a sack of shit in his pants. This team was primed for a huge season, and I just don't get it. Now, the one thing I do agree with most of the power rankings is the Cardinals at No. 1. Sweet 8.6lb baby Jesus this team looks dangerous. I wouldn't be surprised if the Cardinals keep playing like this and the Chiefs keep fucking up then itw going to be Bills vs Cardinals this next super bowl.

Fantasy Football

What a week in fantasy football! Why the fuck didn't I draft Cordell Patterson in all my leagues. This guy keeps getting better every week and I can guarantee he will get more and more reps due to his high productivity. Now, if you're reading this and AJ Green (he was available this morning in one of my leagues) and you haven't picked him up off the waiver wire then please grab a bowling ball and hit your privates with it. Green looks like his old self in the most explosive offense in the NFL. Get him if he's available.

So, is anyone else on the Devin Singletary train about thinking Moss is going to be the fantasy football gift horse? Just me? Ok, more on running backs with Chris Carson out you may want to think about picking up Alex Collins off the waiver. The Seahawks look good this year and the run game is important. Might be a great flex option if your team caught the injury bug early in the season.

Update On Show "Tripp-le Coverage"

Since we last talked (yes, it's a bit of a one sided conversation.) I said I was going to film a new show and that is still in the worlds. There has just been a lot of snags. But don't worry! It will be here before you know it. Stay tuned!

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