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Between The Hashes: October 18th - 2021


Lot's of scary injuries this week. Super glad Lewan has feeling in his extremities so at least he's not paralyzed. As I always write these injuries out I always want to say I pray for a speedy recovery for everyone hurt.

Moving on from injuries, let's talk about week 6 and what happened. Holy shit the Cardinals look dealy this year. Even with a missing head coach they destroyed the Browns. I thought the Rams might be the best team in the NFC but it's between the Cardinals and the Bucs. The NFC will be one tough conference to get into win this year.

Ok, losers of the week. I feel like losing any prime time games are lame but loosing in London is even worst. Miami, what the hell happened to this almost juggernaut team last year? Loosing to a 0-4 team isn't a good look. The head coach of the Dolphins might be finding a new job soon.

Last bit of news... Gruden, what a looser. This man had a 100 Million 10 year contract that he threw down the drain because he can't keep his mouth shut. I used to respect the guy and liked is attitude but this has me hating the guy.

Fantasy Football Advice

Well this week was a-fucking-credible week for me in fantasy, won all three of my leagues, and one where I almost doubled my opponent’s score. Now, I know this won't happen every week but let's break down the moves and players that made this happen and maybe a few to stay away from.

First, quarterbacks, drafting Aaron Rogers was a boss move on my part but the duality of having him and Devonte Adams is where I'm stacking a ton of points. If you go back to my articles a while back you'll remember me saying about stacking your players. If you have a WR 1 and a Quarterback from the same team, PLAY THEM. Stacking touch downs is where you get major points. If you are in need of a quarterback if you're in a deep league this will be hard and if you are you might want to pick up Case Keenum. He's not bad and has had incredible games in the past.

Second, let's talk about runningbacks. This week was hard for me because I didn't have Cordelle Patterson, but didn't stop my other RB's to pop off hard. Fournette has been going off and so has my man Jonathan Taylor, THANK YOU BOTH FOR STEPPING UP. Now, not everyone can get those players so why don't we get into some players for you that might help out. If you are desperate then you might want to check out Mark Ingram, he's only rostered in 73% of leagues so he might be available and can put up numbers, but if he's taken check out D'Ernest Johnson. Since everyone in Cleveland's backfield is hurt he would be a viable option he's only rostered in 41% of leagues so check him out.

Lastly, we have to talk about tight ends because we talk about receivers so much. If you don't have a Higbee, Shultz, or Kelce then you're probably in trouble. But, you're not dead out of the water yet, check out, Ricky Seals-Jones from Washington. He played amazing on Sunday and is only rostered in 69% of leagues. Check and see if he's there!

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