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Between the Hashes: October 11th, 2021


What a week in football! Justin Herbut, holy mother of shit he's going to be a rockstar if he keeps playing the way he's playing. The shootout between The Chargers and Browns is a game you almost never hear of. The game was 87 points total. That's absurd. How did you all feel about the penalty late in the fourth

? Was it fair? Comment below because I thought that shit was stupid. It changed the entire flow of the game.

Ok, on to the next game. Washington Vs The Saints. What in the Sabrina the Teenage Witch was that hail mary play to Callaway that game. There was no defenders underneath the receiver. I feel like thats defense 101 but hey Washington's secondary has been loosing them games all season. I don't know if the secondary coach needs to be fired or get new players because its pathetic.

Holy FUCK JON GRUDEN, if you haven't heard the head coach of the Raiders was let go tonight or plans to resign after saying some pretty fucked up shit about people. Check out the news this mother fucker is even on CNN.

Fantasy Advice:

FINALLY. Kyle Pitts finally had his breakout game on Sunday and fuck, if you have him an didn't put him in I bet you're an idiot. Also, if you weren't able to stack Devonte Adams and Aaron Rogers then you missed out on some serious points. Speaking on wide receivers what the fuck Antonio Brown. Keep this mother fucker in your line up. Him and Chris Evans look like they might be Toms number 1 and 2 receivers this year but you never know with Tom Brady. He tends to light up certain receivers different every week. The upside on keeping brown in, outweighs a light week.

Ok, this will be the first bye week of the season so don't forget to keep that in mind with waiver wires this week. I know a lot of you where were smart and picked up Cordelle Patterson off the waiver wire like I said are being gifted with many a points the last few weeks. But, the Falcons have a bye week this week so you're going to need someone to pick up that load. My advice in a shallow league, pick up AJ Dillon (if available). He had a pretty big game against the Bengals so he might be a good pickup. If you have a deep league you're pretty fucked because most of the talented players are taken, here's a nugget of information. PICK UP Devontae Booker because Saquan is out so you know he's going to get fed the ball.

Update on Tripp-le Coverage:

Still working on the show will be out soon!

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