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Between The Hashes - November 25th 2021



We'll looks like the super squad that is the LA Rams hasn't looked that good the past few weeks. I felt when they traded for Stafford in exchange for Goff I knew it might be too good to be true, but then adding OBJ and Von Miller and they still can't beat the San Francisco 49ers says a lot about the players in the nfl. It seems coaching still dominates the game, not necessarily the players.

Big news this week in football, GIANTS FIRE JASON GARRETT. Honestly, I'm a bit surprised that they did this. I think it's really Joe Judge that’s s the fuck up here and he seems to me (reminds me of a childhood memory, lol) that Judge is playing the blame game to everyone but himself. When it comes to the head coach the blame is ultimately on them. They are the ones that choose their staff and most have a say in the players drafted so when a team fails it should be on them. They are making insane amounts of money anyway, so I don't fucking like this decision.

Fantasy Advice

PLAYOFFS ARE UPON US you LIMP DICK MOTHER FUCKERS! Ok, now that my ADD ass has gotten my craziness out of the way let's dive into this. Ok, so kind of a crazy week, we can't have a fantasy blog without talking about Jonathan Taylor's 5 touchdown game! HOLY FUCK, i'm so glad I drafted him (so far, I don't like to jinx myself). Since we're talking about running backs let's start there. I'm going to dive in a bit deeper this week on all positions because it's crunch time for the playoffs.

Running Backs

This late in the game with trade deadlines over or coming up, we have to focus our efforts on the waiver wire. So lets dive into 3 picks that might help a depleted running back room on your team...

- Tevin Coleman: Hasn't had a big game but with the help of Joe Flacco at quarterback and playing the Texans this week you might have a chance at a big game.

- Rex Burkhead: With leading the teams snap percentages last week in Huston's win you might see Rex take a larger share in the gameplay for the Jets game. The Jets defense hasn't been to good on stopping the run so there some value here with Rex this week.

- Samaje Perine: Now, I put this guy on here because he does have some big play potential that's been seen this season so there's a chance this guy can pop off but not likely. They are playing a depleted Steelers defence so THERES A CHANCE...


This is going to be a quick one if you're in a deep league or superflex leagues, but there's not a lot of options. So, let's start here.

- Andy Dalton: Andy might just be able to give you good odds at winning a match and if you need a quarterback back you might want to pick him up off the waiver wire. He's available in 57% of most leagues, so he might be available for you as well! He's a consistent starter and puts up numbers. I have Matt Ryan and will probably pick up Dalton for this week.

- Joe Flacco: Joe actually put up ok numbers last week to the Miami Dolphins and has another lackluster defense against the Texans this week so he might be a good pickup, considering the matchup. He's much more of a risk than Dalton but still might be a viable choice.

- Colt McCoy: This is one of my favorite options, and he's available in around 70% of most leagues and does have a bye game but might be a great qb to have on your bench.

Tight Ends

- CJ Uzomah: I said this last week that CJ has big play potential but didn't show up to play this week. Jamar Chase got all the catches for the most part but their playing the Steelers injured D this week so theres a small chance he'll have a good game. Still got good vibes on this guy.

- Anthony Firkser: If you're really depleted in your TE you might want to checkout Firkser. He had a big game last week with the Texans so theres a chance but they are playing the solid NE Patriots

- David Njoku: In deep leagues he might be taken but available in 62% of teams on #sleeper app so you might be able to pick him up. The Ravens Defense has been spotty so there's an opportunity to get decent points.

Digest this advice and make those last minute adjustments! Good luck this week you toaster licking fart bags!

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