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Between The Hashes - November 16th 2021


First off, I want to thank the new followers of this blog and welcome them to the fucked up family! You all are the reason I write this blog.

Why don't we just jump right into it... This week for fantasy as well as football says a lot. We still don't know a lot. The playoff picture is just as muddy as week 1 for the most part. Like, what the fuck Tampa? Loss the the Washington Football Team? Tough loss for the reigning champs. Honestly I know I joke and kid but we take injuries seriously and wish that Chase Young a speedy and full recovery.

As I was typing this Le'Veon Bell just got released by the Ravens so I feel like He's done in the NFL if one if not the best rushing teams in the league can't use him that says a lot. Maybe he will find another team and prosper but it doesn't look good for the ole cow bell.

Fantasy Advice

Ok, so holy shit Cam Newton is back and that was his first game BACK with the Panthers and he put on a show. His fantasy numbers aren't quite there but give him another week in the Panthers offense and he might explode. He's rostered in 71% of leagues but it's worth a look if you're in deep need of a quarterback check out Cam, he might be back in full form.

When we're looking tight ends (because I don't talk about them enough on here and that will change) we have to look about how many times they're target over the past ten weeks. If you're in need of a good tight end for the rest of the season check out these options. Most of all class 1 tight ends are taken but some of these might be of help to you.

Geoff Swaim: Swaim Hasn't shown big game potential all season but hey, with the lost of Derrick Henry there, there is always a chance for someone else on the Titans offense to pop off. Big game potential but highest risk because he hasn't shown it. Plus side is he's available in 88% of leagues.

David Njoku: Njoku has big game potential but has only shown it once this year. I feel like his points would be way higher this year if Baker Mayfield wasn't so hurt ALL THE TIME. He's available in 34% of leagues so he might be available in yours. Mid level risk at cost of quarterback.

CJ Uzomah: I like CJ Uzomah, he's not always consistent but has had pretty big games in the pass and with a QB like Burrows throwing you know he ha a chance every week. He's rostered in 67% of leagues so he might be available. He's the lowest risk TE in my blog this week with the highest reward.

Lastly let's talk about the flex position! Ok, so if you don't have a good solid flex then you might want to check out Byron Pringle because he's had a few solid games this year and is only rostered in 31% of leagues. He has big play potential with Mahomie starting to trust him more and more. Worth a check if you don't trust your flex like I did with Russle Gage this last week. WHAT THE FUCK MATT RYAN WHY DIDN'T YOU MAKE ANY PLAYS!

Till next time gridiron penis lickers!

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