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Between The Hashes - November 11th, 2021


Who can talk about news without talking about OBJ. I can't believe that as of today Odell is a free agent and no one took him off the waiver wire, but, I personally had a feeling like he was a virus in the Browns locker room. He was talking the attention away from winning and then directed it at himself for not getting targeted. The Browns are positioned for a deep playoff berth if they can keep doing what they did on Sunday. I got a feeling that OBJ will be on the Raiders or the Saints but only time will tell.

Evidently, as of today, Aaron Rodgers was fined $14,000 and the Packers were fined $300,000 themselves over the Covid. I do love Rodgers but this is absolutely ridiculous. He should of just gotten the vaccine he could of saved the Packers time, money, and an embarrassing loss to the Chiefs.

Fantasy Advice

This week was a good week if you had Jonathan Taylor in your lineup. But, if you didn't lets talk about who you can pick up off the waiver wire for running backs if you need something rather than nothing. It's getting late pickings in mid season so let's dive in. If you're in trouble then you might want to think of Le'Veon Bell. Yeah, out there but if you're desperate and he's available you might want to take a shot. Now, on the other end, Alexander Mattison is rostered in 93% of leagues. Dalvin Cook is still playing, so don't put him in your line up, especially when they're playing the Rams defense. Cook's legal issues are in civil and not criminal so he does not fit for the commissioner's exempt list.

Let's talk about wide receivers. I had all my friends make fun of me for putting Russell Gage in one of my flex's but he did pretty well! Patterson is deffinatly Matt Ryan's go too guy but Gage will step up every game with the loss of Riddley. So, think about putting gage in your lineup this week if your wide receiving core is looking, slim...

Good luck this week! WEEK 10!

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