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Between The Hashes - March 2022

Intro/welcome back

I want to start this off by saying thank you to the loyal people of this blog that have been patient for my return. Starting off I did decently well in all my leagues but especially well in my dynasty league and I'll tell you why in a minute to help yours out.

Yay, footballs almost back!


Big trades... Holy fuck Wilson to Denver, Wentz to Washington? What the fuck is going on? If you have Russle Wilson in your dynasty league then praise Jesus, Allah, and that cracked out squirll in your back yard that your convinced sells meth to your neighbors Jim, and Terry.

If you had Wentz, without question I'd probably try to get some draft capital like the Colts did...but hey your team your choice.

Players to look out for from the Draft

Ok, so first this is a super defensive heavy draft that won't have a huge baring on your dynasty draft unless you're play IDP so this is going to be a short list...

Tyquan Thornton WR- This guy ran a 4.28 this speed will kill people in the NFL this is a plug and play guy. Going to have an immediate impact on a team.

Isaiah Pacheco RB - This is the fastest running back at the combine. Usually, fast running backs do well so try him if you're team is lacking in the running back section.

More to come as the combine, injuries, and trades happen. Now is the time to start looking. Have a great weekend you football nerds.

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