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Between The Hashes - December 6th


Well, it looks like the DUI bug has hit another victim from the NFL. Wide receiver Deonte Harris is suspended for 3 games so if you have him in fantasy then trade him before your friends find out. It sucks that these players make so much money but can't get an Uber or Lyft. We all make mistakes but damn...

We can't have the news without talking about the mother fucking Lions! Finally, their first win of the season and they deserved it. The game itself was like watching paint dry but the last play of the game was epic as shit. You got to give it to Goff....

Fantasy Advice

What a week in fantasy. Who ever has Johnathan Taylor you better keep him if your in a fucking Dynasty league. The dude has been mr automatic. I do have to say I am extremely disappointed in Matt Ryan. The offense just doesn't seem to be clicking even with all the big play makers on the offense. Pitts should be doing better but keeps falling short in points every week.

Ok, so for most of us it's pretty much playoff time. So, let's talk about deep waiver wire pickups, because if you're like me then you have injuries and suspensions you might need some extra help so, I'm going to break down picks that might help you whether you're in the championship or the toilet bowl.


- Jake Fromm: If you're extremely desperate for a quarterback then you need to pick up Fromm. It looks like he's going to take the start week 14 over Mike Glennon. He has the chance to put up a few points and is better than nothing.

Running backs

- Travis Homer: This guy blew up this week with pretty big numbers. He's only rostered in 18% of leagues and is playing Houston next week so it's a favorable match up and has big playability.

Wide Receivers

- KJ Osborn: You might want to pick him up considering Adam Theilen is out for what I assume might be the rest of the season. He's only rostered in 67% of the league so he might be available in yours.

Tight Ends

- Ricky Seals-Jones: Since Logan Thomas is out again then you might want to get Ricky. He's a solid tight end and can put up points. He's Available in 59% of leagues so get up and snatch him quick.

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