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Between The Hashes - December 13th 2021


I haven't gotten to talk about Demaryius Thomas yet, and I have to say I went to the Broncos game vs the Lions last night and I literally cried. Thomas was such an important member of the super bowl winning Bronco's and died just too soon. Rest in peace.

In more news, holy fucking shit the covid is going fucking wild. As of when I'm typing this over 36 players and staff have Covid the Omicron variant. This is absolutely ridiculous that this is still happening. I'm not sure if it's because of the covid strain is so intense or peole are just being stupid but it has to stop.

Fantasy Football:

Ok! On to the major reason you read this blog... the fantasy advice! Well, I do have to say if you went and picked up Russle Gage off the waiver wire and put him in then you did the right thing. He might not be putting up 20 points but he's a good replacement. I'm not saying I'm always right about these things but I do hit the nail on the head sometimes.

Since, it is playoff season, the waiver wire is almost bear so let's dive into what you can be doing with almost nothing....


- Mike Glennon: This is the only person I can guarantee you will start this week. Glennon is a decent back up with potential to get to 20 points a game especially now that Saquon is back up and running to his almost max. Glennon is available in 69% of leagues in sleeper.

- PJ Walker: There is a small chance they bench Cam Newton but there is a guarantee he's going to be apart of the game plan in the future so check him out. He's available in 80% of all sleeper leagues.

- Marcus Mariota: This is my wildcard. There is part of me that thinks that Mariota will take over for Carr if he keeps getting beat up the way he has been. Worth having on your bench if you're in deep trouble.


- Rex Burkhead: Even though the Texans are one of the shittiest teams in the league Burkhead still put up 10 points last week so he is a viable option if you need a running back. They are playing the Jaguars so you know there will be points up for grabs in a garbage game.

- Royce Freeman: If you don't have the option to pick up Rex then you can always pickup Freeman. He put up more points than Burkhead which for me when Mills is in at quarterback the Texans run offense is going to be dominate rather than the pass.

- Derrick Gore: It doesn't matter if you're getting points during garbage time or not. Points are points. Gore scored 17 points in sleeper this week and might be seen more in the offense with his big game.

Wide Receiver

- Josh Palmer: Josh had a big game last week against the giants and now that everyones out for covid he might have a huge week this week and next. Pick him up if you're in need for a flex or a WR 2

- Allen Lazard: Packers are not deep with their wide receivers. Devante Adams is there key target but Lazard is becoming the WR 2 for Rogers so he's worth a pickup.

- Breshad Perriman: With Antonio Brown out there is a bit of a gap with the wide receiver depth chart so Perriman might have a bigger role moving forward.

Tight Ends

- James O'shaughnessy: I love this guy just because he sounds like a Irish pub you'd spend all day in. But, he's at least put up some points and remember, some points are better than none. #truth

- Albert Okwuegbunam: I hated typing his name but had a huge game against the Lions so, he definitely has the ability to put up some points so if you're desperate...

- Ryan Griffin: Ok, so if you are super fucking desperate then pick up Griffin. He has put up points in the past but doesn't have much pig play opportunities. Only pick up if everyone else is taken.


- Doesn't matter as long as you're not using the Lions, Jets, or Texans. There ya go solid fantasy advice you beautiful peoples.

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