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Between The Hashes - August 31st 2021


Wow, what a day in football. For those who haven't heard The Patriots have dropped Cam Newton. I'm not saying I called this a few weeks ago but thats he nor there. *spins in office chair due to excitement.* This changes the complete dynamic of the AFC East. If I'm not mistaken this is the first time Bill Belichick has ever went with a rookie quarterback. So, he must see something incredibly special with Mac Jones. I will say Mac Jones looked better at the style of offense Josh McDaniels and Belichick like to run. Also Jones looked like he went through his reads better than Cam this preseason. I do feel bad about the situation with Cam, and hope he finds a good home. Just not the Broncos or Washington, please.

Since today was technically a cut day for all the 32 teams, there was a lot of quarterback news and that holds true to the Philadelphia Eagles. Head coach Nick Sirianni named Jalen Hurts as Eagles starting quarterback. I actually thought that Joe Flacco did fairly well to get the starting job but they dropped him and got Gardner Minshew. Gardner is one of my absolute favorite players in the nfl and him as a backup to Hurts is scary if they can start putting things together. More and more quarterback questions are getting answered every day. Can't wait for more!

Fantasy Football Advice

It's that time of the year where people are starting their fantasy football leagues left and right, always looking for more advice. I have some of that for you today! Getting started let's talk about Sony Michel. I honestly feel like he's going to be a better player than a lot of other analysts are projecting. The Rams offensive line is absolutely ridiculous and Sean McVay knows what to do with running backs. If you're in a deep league with a lot of people, Sony might be a great sleeper pick up!

Ok, so lets get into mid round wide receivers, someone who's getting lots of attention is Jerry Jeudy! One of my favorite draft picks last year and with the return of Courtland Sutton as well as the amazing Noah Fant, Jeudy is going to get free a bunch. He was also one of the most open WR in 2020, and with the addition of Teddy bridgewater who is more of Jeudy's QB with his incredible route running he's going to stack up points. He might beat out Courtland Sutton as wide receiver 1 in the Broncos lockeroom.

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