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Between The hashes - August 30th 2021


I want to start off this blog with an apology, I've been out a few days due to me getting hit by a car on my bike Thursday night so I've been a bit out of commission. When talking about tragedy I want to start off saying I hope everyone is ok from Hurricane Ida. I am super glad they canceled the Saints Vs Cardinals for safety reasons. We know that the area is devastated and I hope they can get the Superdome into shape in time for the first game of the season. The Saints are currently in Dallas for team activities.

Moving on to more terrible news, roster cuts. Since cuts are due by Tuesday at 4pm team are slashing players left or right. Now remember, getting cut is not necessarily the end but still sucks for the players. I know what these players put into it, but let's get started with the notable cuts. Tyrell Crosby got cut by the Lions and he's played more than 1,100 regular season snaps and this guy has above-average athleticism; He'll probably get picked up by another team struggling with O-line issues. Another crazy roster move was also the Lions dropping Breshad Perriman, I feel a bit bad for the Lions and Perriman because he had such high hopes, but just wasn't producing.

Fantasy Football

Ok, I know everyone wants Saquon Barkley to ball out this season, but I got a feeling he might not ever get back to that dominate rusher we all were enamored with a few years back. Stick with a safer bet like Derrick Henry or Nick Chubb. Getting into the later draft if you have to get a running back I would look at Javonte Williams from the Broncos. I have a feeling like he's going to steal the RB 1 position in no time. Melvin Gordon just doesn't look the same as he has in the past few years. Let's get into my final bit of fantasy news, late round quarterbacks. I can't believe I'm saying this but if you have to choose to choose between Jamies Winston or someone like Tua Tagovailoa, I would go with Winston. He actually has put up sone decent fantasy numbers and is looking damn well this preseason. Winston might be one of the biggest sleeper QB's this year. Don't sleep on Winston.

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