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Between The Hashes: 11/04/21


Everyone who's everyone knows Henry Ruggs III, was involved in a DUI and some other charges this week. I only say this because I feel terrible for the Raiders organization. They've been through a lot this year and just want to send positive vibes out their way.

Ok, back into THE NEWS!

Fantasy Advice

If you're like me then you are probably bitten by the injury bug, and for those of you that have Derrick Henry, SUCKS TO SUCK. I had Jerry Jeudy in two of my leagues (was lucky to trade for him, because I had Courtland Sutton; which has turned out to be quite good again.) so, I know the pain. Now, on to real advice. As I'm typing this I am one of the fools who had to put in Mike White so before I go any further writing this I'm going to wait till after the game....Ok, so looking back I wish I had another player other than Mike White as my auxiliary quarter back but I got to say my boy Johnathan Taylor BLEW IT UP TODAY!

Let's actually talk about some advice. Since Calvin Ridley is out you might want to look for Russle Gage as a replacement. Gage has looked pretty good and will get more targets and so will Kyle Pitts so if you have Gage put him in. I am. Let's talk about Quarterbacks. If you're like me you have Aaron Rogers you're pretty SOL. Look for Taysom Hill, last year he always had good points due to his running abilities, or in most leagues is available. Tyrod Taylor is playing and will put up decent points. Check that out if they are available...


Stay tuned big things ahead :)

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