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CEO/Main Host

Tripp Parks was born in Leesburg, VA in 1991. Growing up playing in bands, skateboarding, sports, and everything else he could get his hands on was important in this journey.

After graduating from Radford University with a degree in Communications and Media Studies Tripp started working for his brother in supplementation located in Raleigh, NC. While working for his brother, Tripp decided to start his own health and fitness company called The Protein bar in Leesburg, VA. 


While owning his own genetic/supplementation company he tried out of a pro-football league called the RPFL (rival professional football league) and got selected for the RPFL's draft in Detroit, MI. After getting drafted to Atlanta, GA Tripp played only one season before moving back to Raleigh to work for his brother again. 

After a stint back in Raleigh, Tripp decided to move too Denver, Colorado to pursue his new business venture.  


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Current Team


Mark Jones

In Art Mart

Mark's currently resides in Denver but is from Pittsburg, PA. Mark is a local artist which he mixed visionary and surrealism in his art. 

Currently Mark is working on a mural in downtown Denver. We are excited to have his unique perspecive on our crew.

Nathaniel Diamond

In Art Mart

Currently on a mythical quest to retrieve his dry cleaning from middle earth. 

Nathan Smith 

In Art Mart

Nathan is from Dallas but currently lives in Denver, Colorado. His love for computers and technology has spilled over into our production team. 

He is currently working on two start us at the moment and starting training for next years spartan race. 

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